Choco Cream puffs

EGP 134.88

Choco Special Roll

Roll crepe stuffed with brownies and pieces of fresh seasonal fruits and with cream chantilly coated and garnished with your favorite choice from our delicious chocolate and topping.

EGP 119.88

Make Your Box

Chose whatever your soul wants from our special ingredients.

Pistachio Roll

Roll crepe stuffed with pieces of fresh seasonal fruits, brownies and cream puffs, coated with Choco Pistachio sauce and white chocolate, garnished with Snickers.

EGP 254.89

Pistachio Waffle

Three Pieces of waffle dipped in pistachio sauce and white chocolate decorated with bounty and snicker,.

EGP 224.88

Choco Cookies Box

4 pieces cookies different flavors (nutella, lotus, white, nutella & white)

EGP 159.98

Cookie Choco Cup

Cup full of cookies pieces stuffed with Nutella, brownies, cream puffs and cream chantilly immersed with Nutella.

EGP 126.89

Sun & Moon Casserole

Brownies and cookies stuffed with Nutella immersed with Nutella chocolate with ice cream

EGP 134.89