Turkish coffee

Experience the rich, bold flavor of authentic Turkish coffee with our premium blend made from the finest hand-picked Arabica beans.

Hot Chocolate

Made with rich cocoa powder, it's the perfect treat when you just want to indulge in something sweet.

EGP 69.86


Made with espresso and steamed milk creating rich, velvety taste.

EGP 69.86


EGP 89.91


Experience the bold and intense flavor of our freshly brewed espresso.

Red tea

Savor the rich aroma and taste of our premium tea, expertly blended to create a perfect tea drinking experience.

EGP 21.92


Frappe is a delicious blended coffee beverage that combines espresso, milk, ice, , flavored syrups to create a refreshing and indulgent treat.

EGP 99.87

Green tea


EGP 24.91

Frensh coffee

EGP 46.96


EGP 46.96