Sushi crepe

12 Pieces of stuffed crepes with brownies, cream puffs and marshmallow served with 3 types of special chocolates

EGP 177.88

Chocojail roll

Roll crepe stuffed with pieces of fresh seasonal fruits, brownies and cream puffs with cream chantilly coated with jail chocolate and white chocolate, garnished with brownies and Kit Kat fingar.

EGP 179.96

Gift crepe

Stuffed crepe with prices of fresh seasonal fruits, brownies and marshmallow with cheesecake cream coated with Nutella chocolate and white chocolate

EGP 169.98

Chocojail waffle

Four pieces of waffle dipped in Nutella and white chocolate, decorated with Maltesers and oreo, with ice cream.

EGP 159.88

Chocojail pancake

Four pieces of pancake stuffed with fresh seasonal fruits and cream chante , dipped in nutella and white chocolate with ice cream.

EGP 178.88

Chocojail crepe

A piece of crepe stuffed with brownies and dipped in white chocolate with cream Chante and ice cream

EGP 164.87

Chocojail mini pancake

Twelve pieces of mini pancakes dipped in Nutella and white chocolate With fresh seasonal fruits

EGP 124.88

Choco Pasta

Plate filled with crepe slices with vanilla ice cream dipped in Nutella chocolate, available in two sizes the large one served with Nutella and white chocolate